Smart Campaigns - Increase Response Rates, Grow Revenue

Campaign 360°: Know, Act, Gain

  • Hyper-Targeting


    Hyper-Targeting for running smart campaigns. Know Who to send to; What Promotions to offer & What Products to Feature and When to send.

  • Omni-Channel Performance

    Omni-Channel Performance

    Gain insights into the effectiveness of your Marketing Channels when compared to each other.

Know your Customer to target effectively

Customer 360°: Know, Acquire, Retain

  • Customer Personas and Discovery

    Customer Personas and Discovery

    Customer Personas by gaining insights into Customers' behavior of Product Category interests and discover deep hidden patterns.

  • Customer Life Time Insights

    Customer Life Time Insights

    Know each individual Customer's Predictive Life Time Value (LTV), Life Time Duration, dynamic RFM, Purchase Likelihood & many more.

Predictive Marketing Campaigns for E-Commerce & Retail

  • Derive & Apply Personas

    Derive & Apply Personas

    Understand your existing Customers’ purchase patterns & interests; Derive Personas; Apply Personas on Customers/Prospects.

  • Predict


    Predictive Models tailored to your data to predict the purchase likelihood for Customer repeat purchases, Cross Sell and Up Sell.

  • Prescribe


    Recommend and prescribe a final Marketing campaign list by inputting all the Predictors & Personas.

  • Retain, Expand & Grow

    Retain, Expand & Grow


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