About us

VectorScient is genuinely passionate about your success. We bring decades of relevant experience and professional background in a broad spectrum of business areas to our innovation.

We are excited about the impact we are making in Predictive Intelligence domain. Our solutions currently cover Sales and Marketing enablement. We are actively extending our Prediction Cloud portfolio by building solutions for predicting successful New Product Introductions (NPI), Sales forecasting and Inventory Optimization.



Veda Konduru Founder, CEO

Veda is the Founder and CEO of VectorScient. She is also the architect behind the VectorScient family of products. She spent more than 10 years in corporate world, building software applications for Sales and Supply Chain, before launching VectorScient. She blends her Statistics background with Machine Learning and Data Science to create truly world-class Predictive Analytics product.


Earvin Gemenez

Earvin is the full stack python, Django Lead developer at VectorScient. He is responsible for architecting the User Interface, Distributed Architecture, Analytical Visualizations and Django underpinnings to ensure VectorScient is fully scalable.


Ilia Zaitsev

Ilia is an expert python developer and he played a critical role in developing the Core Prediction Engine and Sentiment analysis and other utilities around VectorScient. His interests span Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, modern programming paradigms and design patterns.


Ralph Leyga

Ralph is a full stack expert Python and web developer. At VectorScient, he developed the Metadata driven Data Warehouse, integrations to Salesforce, Facebook and developed backend support for comprehensive analytical plots.


Nathaniel Varona

Nathaniel is responsible for infrastructure architecture to ensure peak performance. At VectorScient he designed and deployed Distributed Architecture, Schedulers, Distributed caching among others.