Campaign Builder

VectorScient predicts the Purchase Likelihood and prescribes a list of Prospects/Customers to whom your Campaign should be aimed at.  A precise consumer direct mailing list to run your Campaigns will be provided by VectorScient.

Key Features include
  • Executive and operational Dashboard with data visualizations to understand the customer segments.
  • Fully configurable predictive analytical reports.
  • Several downloadable self-service predictive analytics in slicing/dicing and creating on-the-fly micro-segmentation of your Customer Base.
  • Why do you need a Visualization Dashboard?

    • The best way to generate dynamic drill-down details.
    • Easier way to drill down into Customers’ insights.
    • Insights retrieved in the best way for use and actions.
  • What does VectorScient provide?

    • Dynamic, interactive, self-service User Dashboard.
    • Universe of analytical plots based on your data predictions.
    • Predictive Marketing Campaign lists for your Organization.
  • How does it help you?

    • Ability to generate any insight per your need and choice.
    • Accurate, strong intuition for your Strategic action plan.
    • Self-service generation of tens of data plots.

Checkout VectorScient's Interactive Plots