Understand Customer behavior – Unlock Revenue Potential

Customer 360°: Know, Acquire, Retain
Customer 360°: Know, Acquire, Retain

Know everything about your Customer buying journey, behaviors and their motivations.

  • Know:

    Know insights of Customer Life Time, Customer Persona classification, deeper understanding of their purchase RFM, Future Spend predictions.

  • Acquire:

    Acquire higher quality Prospects with the insights gained.

  • Retain:

    Target the right set of Customers who will most likely do a repeat purchase.

Customer Personas & Discovery
  • Dynamic Personas to model your Customers.
  • Dynamic Customer micro-Segmentation.
  • Apply Personas and Segmentations for predictive Campaigns.
Customer Personas & Discovery
Customer Life Time Insights
Customer Life Time Insights
  • Predictive Life Time Value (LTV).
  • Predictive Life Time Duration (LTD).
  • Probability of repeat purchase.
  • Probability of active/inactive.
  • Statistical RFM.
  • Average Order Value.
  • Predictive Customer Equity.