Increase your Purchase response rates and grow your Revenue as high as 20%

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  • Level 0: Highest Revenue Lift potential as high as 20%.
    • No RFM and Customer Personas.
    • No Customer LTV Insights.
    • No prediction of purchase likelihood.
  • Level 1: Revenue Lift ranging from 8-12%.
    • Basic RFM, Rule based Customer Segmentation.
    • Rudimentary LTV.
    • No Purchase Likelihood Predictions.
  • Level 2: Revenue Lift ranging from 5-8%.
    • Quantitative analysis for Customer Grouping.
    • LTV without BYTD assumptions (Buy Till You Die).
    • No Purchase Likelihood predictions.
  • Level 3: Revenue Lift ranging from 2-5%.
    • Personas & dynamic micro-segmentation.
    • Predictive LTV built for your industry.
    • Purchase Likelihood predictions.

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