VectorScient’s Metadata driven Data Warehouse is a scalable ELT (Extraction, Load, and Transformation) Engine, architected from the ground-up to build client specific, cloud-based warehouse.

Business captures data in a variety of transactional systems. Some of them support a multitude of connection protocols, while others are quite limited on how they allow external entities, to interact with them.


Conceptual Diagram


  • Connecting to Client’s Applications:

    VectorScient works with major ERP, CRM, and Helpdesk applications. We work with REST APIs, XML, CSV, TXT, TSV, JDBC, ODBC protocols among others.

  • Full and Incremental Loading:

    During the implementation, we will do a full load of your historical data based on your specific needs. On an ongoing basis, we load incremental data changes into VectorScient’s Data Warehouse, as they happen in your Source systems.

  • Exclusive Database:

    Your data resides in an exclusive database, dedicated to your account. This feature allows a tremendous flexibility, scalability and allows to isolate performance issues.

  • Meta Data Driven:

    VectorScient’s ELT (Extract, Load and Transform) processes are fully Metadata driven.

    • Maintains all client specific integration connections in exclusive metadata Database objects.
    • Establishes integration connections by obtaining the connection details from the Metadata dynamically.
    • Can adapt changes without business disruption.
  • Universal Integration Adapter:

    The Source Independent Metadata Model supports any CRM application. The adapters configured at the implementation phase include,

    • Integrate with Sugar CRM, MS Dynamics, Siebel or any other homegrown set of CRM systems during the implementation phase.
    • Native integration to CRM systems avoids the need to draw/load any data via CSV, flat files.
    • An elegant mechanism to take advantage of all the benefits without compromising on the quality of data integration and extraction techniques.
  • Auditing, Logging, and Notifications:
    • Captures detailed auditing for ELT process executions.
    • Enables Change Data Capture details.
    • Calculates percentage of total number of records extracted successfully.
    • Tracks transactions, activities and changes at detail level for each object.
    • Logs detailed execution results, that help with Recover-ability, Trace-ability, Troubleshooting and Debugging.
    • Enables a Notification mailer to notify the status of Success or Failure.