VectorScient’s Web Visitor Tracker and Conversion Optimizer provides you with a rich feature set to support your inbound marketing strategy fully.

Track Marketing Campaigns, Events, and Activities to understand the Customer Behavior.

Key Features

Key Functional Features

  • Full insight on your user activity and their engagement on your site.
  • Monitoring of downloaded files.
  • Tracking the videos watched, Clicks, registrations etc.,
  • Create a trail and sequence of actions performed by a particular visitor.
  • Data massaged, linked, pivoted, aggregated by dimensions of Recency, Volume, Relevance that are configurable to set the thresholds for time buckets and importance to the predictions.

Key Technical Features

  • A small JavaScript code placed on your website server.
  • Deep user action level insights and visibility.
  • Complete data ownership.
  • Dedicated sub-domain and dedicated database.

Sample Reports

  • Number of Visitors in Past 24 Hours

  • Geo Visualization of Visitors

  • Detailed Visitor Actions

  • Detailed Visitor Profile