Predictive Campaigns – Increase Response Rates, Grow Revenue

Campaign 360°: Know, Act, Gain

Campaign 360°: Know, Act, Gain

Choose one or more Marketing Channels that you want to make it SMART!

  • Know:

    Know deep insights on, Who to send to, What to send to, How to send to, When to send your Email or Catalog Campaigns.

  • Act:

    Run Predictive Marketing Campaigns by leveraging insights.

  • Gain:

    Gain Purchase response rates, Revenue growth and Competitive advantage.


Hyper-Targeting is about Who to send What (Product information, Pricing, Promotion, Catalog cover page etc.,), When (Now or later in the future) and Why (High likelihood of Purchase/repeat purchase).

VectorScient’s Hyper-Targeting algorithms perform dynamic Customer Segmentation and Persona creation, based on dozens of attributes.

Hyper-Targeting to the specifc groups that matter, will help your company realize.

  • Revenue Lift.
  • Increased ROI of your Marketing Channel.
  • Increased Profitability and Customer Equity.


VectorScient’s predictions absorb the comprehensive Purchase history resulting from all of your Marketing Channels.

Key Business insights:
  • Know what Marketing Channel has best conversion.
  • Know what Channel has best Customers.
  • Know which Channel is more profitable.

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